“I Play!”

//“I Play!”

“I Play!”

July 08, 2015
Univision Canada staff

(Toronto, July 8, 2015) As the thrill rises Univision Canada and TLN TV prepare for exclusive coverage in Spanish of the Pan-American 2015 games an the exclusive premier of “Yo Juego” that will be shown on TLN Television Friday July 10th at 7pm and on Univision Canada Friday July 10th at 10:30 pm. Yo Juego is an original production of TLN presented by Univision Canada in collaboration with LuloFilms and award winning director, producer and writer Colombian Canadian Jaime Escallon Buraglia. This documentary shows the excitement of the Pan American Toronto 2015 games from the Hispanic Canadian athletes point of view, their personal stories, and their exhausting preparation with trainers and family some of the athletes you’ll see:

*Melissa Humaña Paredes: A Chilean-Canadian and her process of representing Canada in beach volleyball and qualifying to the Pan American 2015 games.
*Andres Torres: Uruguayan-Canadian intern at the Pan American games
*Patricia Ruiz: Colombian-Canadian volunteering for the Pan American games hoping that they open roads to new opportunities
*Fito Blanko & Amanda Martinez: two of the biggest Hispanic music artist in Canada that contributed their talent to the games.
*El Cuban-Canadian “Papito” Wilson: who will inspire us throughout his journey while he joins the Canadian delegation

The website Iplaytv.ca has been create in conjunction to the documentary and will provide exclusive videos, interactive games and blog during the games in July.