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Brief History

Day to day at the office

The accommodation team is divided in two groups, the main office and the hotel. The office is located next to the beach called Sugar beach, and we have a beautiful view of Lake Ontario and [...]

Day to day at the hotel

In the Hotel we also have an 8-hour shift similar to the office hours, the difference is that we only do work related to the hotel; located in Harbor Front. In this hotel stay the [...]

Welcome to Pan Am!

July 9th, 2015 Staff In just a few days, the Pan American Games 2015 will be held. The candidacy of Toronto was proposed in 2009, competing with and defeating cities such as Lima and Bogota. [...]

Lights, camera, party!

December of 2014 Univision Canada staff (Toronto, December 1, 2014) Thanks to the recently announced media alliance, both Spanish speaking Canadian and visitors can enjoy the detailed and accessible television broadcasts in Spanish nationally while they [...]

“I Play!”

July 08, 2015 Univision Canada staff (Toronto, July 8, 2015) As the thrill rises Univision Canada and TLN TV prepare for exclusive coverage in Spanish of the Pan-American 2015 games an the exclusive premier of [...]