Day to day at the hotel

//Day to day at the hotel

Day to day at the hotel

In the Hotel we also have an 8-hour shift similar to the office hours, the difference is that we only do work related to the hotel; located in Harbor Front. In this hotel stay the sports committees of all the participating countries competing in the Pan-American games.

In the hotel you’ll find a table serving three functions, accommodation (2 people), protocol (4 people), and transportation (3 people). The work in the hotel is less intensive but just as important as the office work. There are a lot of people who ask us all types of questions, no just concerning their stay in the hotel. We always have to answer with amiability and try to help the person as best we can.

Same as the office we have 30-minute lunches and 15-minute brakes. The only difference here is the direct contact we have with the people of the Pan-American games and that it really requires one or two Spanish speaking people to have a better communication with the guest at the hotel.

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