Day to day at the office

//Day to day at the office

Day to day at the office

The accommodation team is divided in two groups, the main office and the hotel. The office is located next to the beach called Sugar beach, and we have a beautiful view of Lake Ontario and the sailing competitions. As a volunteer I have an 8-hour shift on the assigned days, there are two shifts, the morning shift that is from 7 to 3:30 and the afternoon that is from 2:30 to 11pm.In the morning we have to check emails of the hotels confirmed: registered, not registered and the transportation of each person in the hotels in Toronto and the surroundings.

Each volunteer is in charge of verifying the listings of one hotel, confirm registration, check-in dates, number of guest in each room answer and transfer calls etc. We must also note the errors of the system created for accommodation for the Pan-American games.

The office environment is enjoyable, the supervisors are young, friendly, motivated, and enthusiastic; they are always available to help the volunteer. We have a television were we can watch the games. We always take a 30-minute brake, where we talk about the Pan-American games, our routines, the work that we do, and after return to our activities.

We also have 30-minute lunch or dinner; our supervisor gives us a 10-dollar card that we can use to buy food in Loblaw’s. I prefer to sit in the beach and eat, enjoy the fresh air and see the different people.
When I finish my shift I hand in a report of what I did, what I finished or what is still pending; its not a problem that the work assigned isn’t finished, the number of people assigned in the system is big and in occasions hard to finish.

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