Highlights of 2015 Pan-American Games 2015: Day 4

//Highlights of 2015 Pan-American Games 2015: Day 4

Highlights of 2015 Pan-American Games 2015: Day 4

July 13th, 2015
Nelson Pérez

TORONTO- Once again, we review the Latin participation in the Pan American Games 2015. We move to Ajax where Puerto Rico defeated the Dominican Republic 12-6 in baseball, Nicaragua defeated the Colombians 7-4 and the locals got the job done against Cuba for 3-1.

Some medals were awarded in canoeing and Cuba started to dominate again taking two gold medals, while Argentina took the other gold. In judo, Cuba obtained one gold and three bronze. On the other hand, the Ecuadorians won two silver medals in the combat discipline.

In rowing, both Chile and Argentina obtained a shared gold. Colombia got a bronze in shooting. Some medals were awarded in other events.

In softball, Venezuela continued its victorious streak defeating the United States. Today, it will face Mexico and on Thursday, the big rival to defeat, Canada.

In field tennis, the Argentinian Facundo Bagnis reached the final of the Men’s Individuals, defeating Dennis Novikov of USA for 6-3 6-7 6-2, and earlier today he defeated the Colombian Nicolás Barrientos to achieve the eighth gold medal for Argentina.
Guido Andreozzi also Argentinian, lost in the semifinals to Barrientos and he had the chance to obtain the bronze, but in the game for the medal he was defeated by American Novikov.

Colombian Mariana Duque defeated the Canadian Gaby Dabrowski in the quarter finals, and this morning she secured her spot for the battle for the gold medal defeating the American Laura David with a score of 6-1 2-6 6-3. She will face Mexican Victoria Rodriguez who defeated the Puerto Rican Monica Puig with the score of 2-6 6-3 6-2.

Also, from Argentina, in the men’s doubles go for the gold. The couple will face the Chilean Jarry/Podlipnik in the main court of the Canadian Tennis Centre.

In weightlifting, Colombia finally starts to dominate, holding two more medals, in the women’s category of 69kg and 75 kg.
For today, we must look out for the beach volleyball games at the Exhibition Place, the most interesting place to be in the Pan American Games due to the attractions and the different places around it.
See you tomorrow with more results!

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